♥ Year 2015 ♥

Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted here anything for ages BUT I decided a long time ago, I'm gonna make a totally new blog and I will start from the beginning. This one has a good history since 2012 but it's time to move on. It's gonna be pretty hard to reach the same numbers of readers as here and it will take some time but it's gonna be one of my new challenges. I'm not gonna promise anything cause I still don't know when I will start a new one.. I can just promise, I will some day ;). Anyway, I decided to finish writing here and post just one more article. It's a summary of my year 2015 and I wanted to write it and share it with you because I did the same past few years and I think, it's a right time for writing last article here. It's been an incredible 3 years here. I have never thought, I'm gonna have more than 190 000 views from all around the world and believe me, I was soo happy when i reached my first 100 haha. Unbelievable. Thank you soo much for all your support, for all likes you gave me and for reading my stories/articles. I can't say how thankful I am .

When somebody asks me how would you describe year 2015 by only one word, I would definitely say change. 2015 was full of changes, new beginnings and endings of some important life periods.
I started my New Year 2015 in Milan, Italy. It was the funniest and the most annoying beginning of the year, to be fair, but overall, I had a good time and I saw a new place. More info about my NYE in Milan over here --> http://liveyourdreams-story.blogspot.dk/2015/02/milan-italy.html

Anyways, my first 3 months of the year weren’t the easiest one but I think I really needed a proper ‘slap’ after 2 amazing years, which I had before. Everything went exactly like I wanted to and all was great. Maybe I just stopped to appreciate things and everything what was happening, so I needed to change that even I’m always trying to be thankful for everything what’s happening around. Whatever it was, I got a big life lecture which made me even stronger and helped me to fight for everything what I wanted to achieve in 2015. It was really bad cause all of my plans all in sudden fell apart and I didn’t know what to do, how to move on, how to change it all. I had to get myself back into positive mode and start to do my best for my future. Fortunately it worked, I got out of my bad months and sun started to shine for me again. I felt like I need some changes in my life, I need to move on and that’s what I exactly did. Also, I turned 20 this year, so it was just about the time haha.

I took some time off in my favourite place in the middle of Slovakia, small village called Telgart, whose visit is always an escape from reality. It’s a different world. You’ve got an amazing nature around, old houses, Slovakian folklore music all around, peace, nobody is bothering or stressing you. Nobody cares. No laptops, not even proper signal for your phone. Just a warm, cosy clothes, family around, book in your hand and you’re sipping hot cocoa. Relax, not thinking about anything, leaving your problems and everything out of that magical place. I just love it!
Taking a lot of positive energy from that place, my year could finally start properly and since the second half of march, I got back to my normal busy life, which I love and which is full of adventures which brings many good memories.

One of my favourite memories from e.g. april was my dad’s birthday party. We arranged it with the rest of my family without him knowing about it and I can tell you, I’ve never been as happy for him as in that moment, when he just saw all his most love ones together singing him Happy Birthday song and he was just speechless, what doesn’t happen very often. It was a great surprise and I want to have once such a secret birthday party, too :D. It definitely worth it.

2015 was also full of cultural events. I’ve been to theatre in Slovakia quite a few times with my high school friends, what was great cause I haven’t been in theatre for ages. I remember we used to go there with my mum when I was a kid for a different fairytales quite often haha. This time, it were proper plays to see, mostly musicals, which were pretty good, well most of them. I’ve been to several concerts, as well. Back in Slovakia it was concert of Juraj Hnilica, who is very talented guy and who I found accidently like a FB advert haha. And week after I went for his concert cause he had it in Presov and it was amazing. It was really small one, with not that many people but I had a smile on my face all evening and I felt full of positive energy afterwards. He is just such a nice person. I’m glad I met him and heard him sing even before many others did cause he got into one of our Slovakian competitions or whatever and everybody knew him after that. I can say, I’ve seen him life even before and I’m really proud of his work.

Another concerts of Slovakian bands such as Helenine Oci and N3O akustika makes me always feeling better and giving me a lot of energy. They’re not just the concerts, it’s a an experience, which you will never forget. It’s a moment; you never forget how you felt like that time while singing and dancing/jumping around. Later in Copenhagen, I saw Lady Gaga with Tony Bennet through the jazz week and spontaneous concert of Imagine Dragons, which was absolutely great.

I also got back a little bit to my favourite sport – tennis. Found my sparring partner, so I was so excited to play again once a week for a few weeks. I would love to get back to this sport. Not in a condition as I used to be in tho.

2015 was mostly about finishing my high school, so my written, practical and oral final exams went better than I thought, so I was really happy about passing it all with good results and finishing my high school. In this stage of life, you kind of saying bye to this 5 years, in my case, full of funny times, stresses because of many different exams and everyday seeing your friends, which became your family and part of you. Time to move on and start a new chapter.

Saying bye to my amazing colleagues in my lovely Dublin Cafe/Pub, which is one of the best places to work in and it was a pleasure to work there. I learnt there a lot and I’ve been working with great barmen and baristas. It’s always good to be back there.

So what’s happening after school? Going to university or start to work?
I chose the first one and Denmark was my choice. The only one. And honestly? I couldn’t choose better.

I got accepted to my priority school day before I was flying to Copenhagen, what was pretty exciting. I went literally on my own, not knowing the place, people properly. I was looking forward to it but I was a little bit scared too. I had no idea, if it’s gonna work or not, if I like it or not, if I’m gonna find an accommodation and work. But fortunately, I was lucky, again.

Fell in love with this place, where is always something happening, was swimming in the sea, had a BBQ with my friends near sea, became a part of student organization, studying something what I like, where studying makes sense and I’m looking forward to going to school. It’s because I want to be there, not having to be there. It’s just interesting and I’m learning something new all the time. Also walking in a mask on your face through the main streets of Copenhagen after staff party or in a sailor hat after Halloween party are unforgettable experiences.

I’m talking my favourite language (English) and I’m taking care of myself. I brought my first own wardrobe, made my room feeling it’s mine. I just love it. I love this life here. I love MY life here.

I got to know sooo many amazing people this year from all around the world, I can’t even imagine my life without many of them and they became a part of me. My friends, my family. I could use a quote here: ‘It’s funny how someone who was just a stranger last year can mean so much to you now.’ It’s true tho, year can change a lot. Literally, I can’t imagine my life without some of them and if they are reading it, they surely know, I’m talking about them :P. Meeting people for some reason? Definitely yes! #thankful

And just shortly my end of the year. I went back home home, to Slovakia for my Christmas holiday after more than 6 months and it was great to see all my family and friends from my hometown. I didn’t even want to go back after 9 days of great time and relax. But when I got back and came in to my room, I had to admit, I missed my room. It was nice to visit Slovakia but this is my current home. Copenhagen is a place where I live now and I’m just happy to live here.

And at the end, 31st of December was my NYE in a fourth different country. Even if the time before midnight was mostly about working, it was good to spend the NYE with my friends and colleagues, drinking champagne and watching fireworks all around. It was great celebration of upcoming year 2016 and I hope that new year will bring me even more things/events to remember and will be full of more adventures and experiences.

That’s what I also wish to all of you, to have a great 2016, full of moments which you will remember forever. Don’t be afraid to make a change in your life and don’t regret anything cause everything happens for a reason ;). 

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt quotes 2016



Destiny.. Do you believe in it? I do and i also believe, everything happens for a reason. To some of you, it may sounds like a stupid thing about which is just everybody talking about but for me, it means a lot. I know, everything around me means to happen for a reason. To learn us something, to appreciate someone, that the step forward is needed. It can be anything but we should listen to this signals around us and also do something with it. Nothing will ever change, if we are just waiting our life will change on itself. We have to do something with it. We have to fight. We should stop just crying about how we cant do it but step forward and show everyone, we actually can!

I also do believe that every person who we meet is meant to cross our path for a reason. I know i have already mentioned it in my blog but it really is true! I know i met many people who thought me a lot, who loved me or hated me but even through that they showed me, how i want to behave and how i dont. Its magical to see people who cares about you and who doesnt, even if they were pretending they do. I remember all of the people who ever made me smile and brought something to my life. Who helped me. Who learnt me something. Who showed me what real love is. Who was there when i really needed someone. Who even smiled at me or said hi through my walk around or people who was taking care of me during my stay somewhere abroad. You just remember it. Maybe not all of the faces or names but you know, there was someone like that in this moment . People who made themselves memorable to me.

People doesnt realizing how much some others sacrificied because of them and they dont appreciate it enough. Thats why something happens then, whats reasonable and it can surprise you many times because you just dont expect it. But everything is meant to happen. Its a destiny when you meet someone after really long time and you just cant hide your surprised face and you feel that nice but also a bit weird feeling.

So have a look around, think about some latest things/sitations  which happend to you and it may look like it really didnt just happened for no reason. Was it a destiny?

Well... You know..



Everybody needs an inspiration, everybody needs a song..

This place is very inspiring for me. I'm just walking down the streets, looking at the houses around, smaller & bigger, short ones & taller ones, older or even modern. All of them have some kind of specific sparkle inside each of them. I think I can't describe it but it just feels like you look at a thing and you know, there is a story coming along with it.. And i feel soo happy to just walk around, inhalling the fresh air into my lungs what gives me just so much energy. Or at least it works with me, i don'k know, how would this atmosphere affected you.
It's already 9:30 pm here and the sun is shining on the sky and doesn't want to set behind the horizont. It's surprisingly warm and finally, it's not raining. Weird this danish weather. I feel fine, very relaxed, music in my ears and I've got the sea in front of me. What else can I wish for? It's beautiful and it makes me happy. I'm smiling. It was a really good decision to come here even if i didn't have any idea how it will be like. This place will be my second home. I wanna dance, sing.. To shout, how amazing i feel like right now. I'm enjoying present, not thinking about my past or not concentrating for my future. Living for this moment, enjoying sun and the birds singing around. That's all, i want to do now :)..



Heey everybody!

WELCOME TO DENMARK! Thats what i said to myself when i landed at the Cpenhagen airport 11th of june at around 6 pm.  We came earlier and had a good flight with wifi on a board. Seeing the Copenhagen from the window of a plane made me smile. I felt very excited but also kinda afraid, how it will be like.

When i went for my baggage and was walking around the airport, i thought it is not that many people around cause it was really quiet. But there was just soo many people and i really didnt understand how can it be that quiet. I mean, usually because of soo many people at the airports, its very noisy and everybody is shouting and stuff like that. But in Copenhagen's airport i felt like i came to the totally different place where everybody knows how to behave. That was the point when i said to myslef: You came to the different country and this is just the beginning of your new life.
Afterwards trying to catch the right train from the airport and getting  into the place, where i havent been before was a bit stressful but i made it and i was happy about it, the Copenhagen's transport is very easy to understand what's good cause otherwise, i wouldn't get there without any trouble. And i also realized later that i bought the wrong train ticket, so my first travelling by train in the Denmark's capital was a little bit illegal but never mind :D.
Got into the right place and met that 3 crazy girls, who i was supposted to stay  with for the next two weeks. Sure, i didnt know how crazy it will be like lol. Sorry girls, love you haha :D. They told me some very important information about living here what to do and also not to do here, how it works and many other things.
First night here was also very interesting because of going out with them into the city centre.
Firstly, i was very surprised that it was like 10:30 and it was still sunny and not dark at all. Also the sunrise is quite early.
Secondly, it was soo many people on the streets.  It was fascinating me that it doesn't matter here, if you are a student, adult or older couple. Everybody is walking down the streets and they are just smiling at you. Its amazing how they can make you feel so welcome. It looks like everybody is enjoying their lives here and dont care about not important things.
Another fact is that everybody cycle here. I knew about that before i came but it's even better when you are already here and you can see so many bicycles everywhere, young and old cycling while going to work, school, home or just somewhere to town. It's wonderful experience.
I heard about this, as well, and it's that everybody speaks English here whats great. Young, old, if you tell them you cant speak Danish, they will automatically start to talk to you in English. Also if you need a help or something, don't hesitate to ask them, they are really nice. Like yesterday when i met a couple and i needed to find an address. They just looked at the map in their phone and helped me to find it.
Second day here was very chilling. It was very warm and sunny so i decided to go for a walk beacuse we have like 10 minutes away the beach and a small harbour. They told me to go just straight and i will find it. Thanks God, i have a really good sense for orientation, so i found it. I passed many nice houses and i was thinking about how it will look like. When i saw the sea from the distance i closed my eyes, smiled and breathed the fresh air. In that moment i realized, i felt in love with this country and im just gonna love it here.
I walked around the seaside and i was surprised that the kids were swimming in the sea, many people were just relaxing, sitting on the grass and everybody were enjoying the sun shining. It was just soo amazing, i felt like i came to totally different place of this world. Everything made a perfect sense and it felt so right to be there. It was great to just sit and look into the distance to see the bridge, boats and also the kids playing with the sand. I wish that moment could last forever. It's easy to talk about it beacuse i lived that moment and you just have to be here to know what im talking about. I feel free and independent here :).
I found the room, where i will stay, went for a walk around the town and the only thing what i can say about this place is – perfect!
Im really happy that i came here and even it's just beginning, i know i won't regret my decision about coming here. I will enjoy it as much as i can and i will try to get to know the places around and i'm sure, i will meet many new people. That's why i love my life and trying to enjoy every single day.
See you soon :).


At least something :D

Heeeey everyone!

Yeah, im still alive - surprised? . Well, the bad news – havent posted anything last few months but the good one is, i passed my final exams, which i was studying really hard for what means i finished my secondary/high school (whatever you call it). Im really happy about that so you can congratulate me :D. Another big annoucement is, that im going to Denmark 11th of june and im very excited about that. I was concentrating for my last and very important year at school so i wasnt travelling that much (apart from Milan) and i really missed it. I guess, all of you know, how much i love travelling all around the world, so i cant wait to leave Slovakia soon. On the other hand, it was good that i stayed just in Slovakia because i could fully enjoy my friends, family, all of the parties and everything conected to it. It was a great last year at school and i did enjoy every second of it even if there were really hard times.. I moved forward, learnt some new things and met many new amazing people. I would like to thank every single person, who helped me and made me smile, even if i didnt feel like smiling. Thank you soo much all ;).

Guys, i was just reading some of my previous posts and it was really funny and kinda interesting what i wrote here. Some of them didnt look like i wrote them but apparently i did haha. But one thing which hasnt changed is my positive attitude to life. To think positive, to smile, to enjoy every single day. Thats what im trying to remind people around me. Not to forget that mentioned things above.

I love life because of its variety. Its fascinating me that everybodys life is different but if you put some of the peoples lives together, it makes a perfect sense and it is just soo cool together.
I love meeting new people because every single person brings something new to our lives. Some will just pass our life and leave there a little memory and some will have a big influence on it and bring us something great to our lives. They can learn us something or just show us the way, we should go.
I love travelling because i can see soo many wonderful places all around the world and we can get to know the new cultures, new types of living and we are making new memories by it. We can see thousands of pictures of some places but it will never shows us, how amazing the place is in it. Its million times better to see it once and to be there than just talk about it..
I love to smile because im making people around me happy what makes me happy. Its easier with the smile on my face and i feel really good, if someone is smiling because of me.

Life never comes with the instructions, thats true. Our life will be exactly how we make it. So just remember to do what you love and what makes you happy. It doesnt matter what everybody thinks, the most important is, what you think :). Soo have a great summer, keep dreaming and enjoy life :)

P.S. I know its nothing at all but at least something :).

Peace xxx


Milan, Italy

Welcome everyone in a year 2015.

Dont worry, I know its already February haha. I just havent posted anything since New Years so thats why im saying it. Not everything is going the way it should and my writing is not too. I spent New Years Eve in Milan and since i was there im telling myslef, im going to write about it.. Im not going to excuse this time about not having a time or something like that  cause i would lie, its just i couldnt put myslef into writing really. But today, 7th of february,  i finally pushed myslef into  it also because its already February :D! Just about the time tho.
Sooo about the Milan and how was it? Well, lets start from the begining.
They canceled our train to Vienna. That was actually not the best beginning. We were flying from Vienna early in the morning but we had to get there from Bratislava somehow. And because they canceled the train, which we were supposted to go with, we took a bus from the Bratislava airport going straight to the Vienna one. I will rather not mention sleeping in Bratislava airport for a few hours with no people around. Bus came. Great! It took one hour to the Vienna airport where i got a little shock looking at the looong que. I was really thinking we wont make it cause we didnt have much time. Fortunatelly, it went quite fast and when we were almost in the front they started to shout at the people travelling to Milan and Paris (because they were leaving in a short time). They sent us to the Priority place to check in where the guy behind it told us we will have to wait.. I was like, lady over there just sent us here so decide people! I was really afraid we wont catch it. But other guy checked us in, what lasted quite long and when i ask him if we catch it, he just said: „you should go faster.“ We were running around the huge airport hall, trying to find the way to our gate and when we finally arrived.. The gate was closeing... Noo, just kidding, everybody was still sitting there calmly and we were catching a breath haha. The flight was really good, i could say my best one so far. We were flying with Air Berlin and it was just an experience. We were flying just an hour, we got a nice muffin and we could choose, what we wanted to drink for free what i really appreciated cause i was starving. And also we were flying through the sunrise, so was really nice to see the different coloures of the sky.
We landed, got the nice italian croissants and took a taxi. Yeah there the story of Milan begins tho. The hotel wasnt supposted to be as far from the airport but apparently it was. We took a taxi with a taxi driver who didnt speak english, so i just showed him  the paper with the adress of our hotel. He looked at me, told me its not in Milan and put the adress into the GPS. Okay, we were leaving the airport place and we started to look around. Nothing special tho, so instead of looking out the window, i started to look at his GPS and then i realized the prize on the taxameter is kinda higer. I was like, okay,  wont be more than 30€... Guys, I have never paid 65€ for a taxi! I could not even look at the rising prize on it, i was just laughing at our amazing trip starting. Soo lecture number 1 – NEVER EVER take a taxi from the airport if you are going a bit farther otherwise, you have to be very rich to afford it (what we are not :D). Ohh and btw, did i mention, he missed the turn and he had to go around the place? Could safe at least 5€ lol.
Okay, never mind, so we got into the hotel, hoping we will have a room ready cause the check-in started 2 pm and it was like 9:30 in the morning. Luckily for us, it was ready so, we just went to our room, to have some rest. The hotel was very nice, the rooms were amazing, couldnt wait to jump into that big bed.  Took a nice, long shower and went to sleep for a while.
Later, after lunch time, we decided to go to town, to see something  in a very first day, not just being lazy in our hotel. I already had some plans, where to go, whats the best to see, soo we got to the city centre by bus and the underground and took off at Duomo station. When we came up, to the sun, the massive building was standing in front of us and the only thing, what i could say in that moment was „wow.“
Duomo Cathedral is the most amazing one, i have ever seen. It looks huge but soo impressive both inside and outside. This place is the biggest attraction for the tourists, so it was quite a lot of people there all over the place. There is an opportunity to go to the roof top of the cathedral too, so me, personaly, i really enjoyed the view and an imposant monuments all around the roof top. It just did look amazing and it was sunset, so we have some nice pictures.
There were still many christmas markets around the cathedral, so we just walked around, bought some nice baguettes, saw the tallest christmas tree, i have ever seen. It was really tall! Then walking across the street, realizing its famous Galleria Emanuelle II, which was crowded by people, with many christmas decorations, also the christmas tree with Swarowski staff on it. There were many nice restaurants and an expensive shops like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Armani, Versace... Didnt have a couragge to walk in but i have some photos from outside(there were men standing inside and opening door, how posh!). I felt like in a movie, not in Milan haha.. Anyway, if im talking about the fashion.. People from Milan are well-known for a good sesnse of style, arent they? But when i was looking at all of them, the only thing what really surprised me was, that everybody is wearing sporty trainers.. Nothing special about the clothers tho, just that trainers. The young ones, older ones, kids, everybody! Thats kinda weird but comfy tho.
Okay, so lets move forward.. I think we had seen quite a lot through the first day there.
The second one was a 31 of december, the last day of the year 2014. That was a very interesting day. After really nice breakfast in the hotel, we were heading back to the center to see some more places. We walked soo many kilometres that day and went to places, which we didnt even know how we got there. We didnt use the map, not even once what really surpised me. We walked around the castle, the big park behind it.. Then went to ice skating, what was fun, seen one of the shopping streets, which was on my list, saw the incredible modern part of Milan, where the UniCredit Bank has a building and went for a nice pizza. Try the italian pizza – tick!
Later nice dinner in a posh restaurant before the celebrating New Years Eve. Was quite funny cause i took a bottle of shampagne to my bag, to drink it later but before entering into the square, they were checking the bags.. With a question if i have any glass in my bag, i just shaked my hand and walked away before they would change their mind and tried to open my bag haha. Anyway, the restaurant and the food was amazing, had a nice risotto, the portion wasnt very big but hey :P. And i had the most perfect/amazing/awesome pannacota EVER! Was soo delicious, just my bofriend was laughing at my enjoyable face but i could not get enough of it. Yummyy.. I would have one now mmm..
Okay, lets get through this. And then, we went to the big square in front of the Duomo Cathedral, where the main show was supposted to be and some live bands/singers.. Some kind of DJ started it and he was quite good. But then, it just started to be terrible. The African band came, started to sing some of their own songs and i was just looking at them and asking myslef, if im really in Italy. I expected some kind of italian songs, bands, artists.. And they were on the stage till like 11 pm! Another band came, wasnt that bad neither that good and i dont know from where but soo many gypsies italians was all around, jumping around, messing around with a rackets and walking to the front and back.. I was really afraid of my life lol, so after loosing my mood to celebrate the new years we went to the back, where nobody was jumping at me and i tried to enjoy the rest of the 2014. The fireworks? We couldnt see nothing at all because of the buildings, could rather stay at home to see the proper ones. I was like, okay, there is nothing else to see, lets go back to the hotel.. Thats where the funny memories begin to be even funnier. So we tried to walk through that crowded street, what was really impossible in that time.. Everybody went just one way, so we were following them.. Everybody went by underground.. Was very interesting tho.. Sat into the wrong underground, took off, went back one stop and waiting for the right one? That can happen just to us.. But the fact, that there were no buses after midnight, we knew about it. We wanted to take a taxi then, but there was no taxis around.. We said never mind, we will see at least one through the way back.. That was what i wished to do but the reality was much worse.. Guys, we were walking more than hour an half back to the hotel, it was like minus 3 degrees, i needed to pee and i was just soo annoyed because there was no taxi around, not even one passed us! So when we finally got back to our lovely warm room, i opened the champagne because i needed some bubbles, ate some left pizza from earlier and went to sleep after a really really long day. So thats about our New Years Eve. Not the best begining of the 2015 but how my dad said, it ment something like travelling the long journeys this year :D. Hopefully wont be as tiring as my first walk in 2015 was.
The next day we were chilling all day just doing nothing at all. Well actually we went to the McDonalds for a dinner and also went to the shop to buy some nice juice. That was also funny cause i said to the guy in the shop good morning at 4 pm, it was very funny, i really dont know why i said it.. This also can happen just to me lol..
And here i come to the last day of our Milan holiday.
We spent our last day shopping but if you want to ask me, what did i buy, i will disappoint you. When my friends asked me that question, i just simply replied – i bought a fridge magnet :D. I know, everybody is laughing at that but didnt find nothing special what worth the money tho. If i dont count food, that was quite expensive but i tried italian pizza and spaghetti, means im satisfied. Soo we were wondering, how will we get into the airport cause we really didnt want to give another 65€ for a taxi. And guess what?! There were a several buses going to the airports.. And do u know, how much did we pay for it? 5€ each! I tought, its a joke, if we knew before.. But okay, we had another lecture – find out, if there are any buses going straight to the city centre :D. We will know next time..
Ookay, so thats about our interesting Milans holiday, so here are some advises:
ü  dont go there for a New Years Eve, doesnt worth it
ü  see the Duomo Cathedral
ü  dont take a taxi for longer distance than 5 mins ride
ü  check the buses time from and to the airport
ü  i can recommend the Best Western Hotel Goldenmile ****
ü  try the pizza (and panacotta in Galeria restaurant)
ü  many homeless people, carefull with them and gipsies all around
ü  4 days there are enough i think, not that much to see

So personally  I think, once was enough of Milan. Was good to see the new place but next time we will rather go somewhere else :)...



HEEEY! Hopefully everybody is fine and positive :). Its been a while, i wrote something here. I know i said, i will post here more often but you know, sometimes its just happenin too much in a short time and then you dont know what to do first. And that was exactly my case in a last few weeks. Doing million things in once, being busy (as usual), meeting new people, partying, not sleeping that much, working, solving everyday problems, then not just everyday ones, being crazy, laughing, studying.. Well quite a lot for one person haha. But still better than just sitting at home, isnt it?
I would like to write here today sometihing whats sometimes really hard for as in many ways and thats deciding. Me - personally, im terrible with that. I never can decide (my boyfriend would tell you :D).. I really hate it about myself and sometimes i would like to just slap myself with words – Oh God, come on Erika, decide, you  dont have all day long for it :D.
 Doesnt matter, if it is just about the buying clothes which starts with a question  if you really need it or not, then you are thinking  but its a good prize, so would be great to have it (even if you wont even wear or use it lol). Then deciding to go somewhere or not, stay at home and be comfy or go out to that terrible cold weather outside with your friends. But then if you will go out with your friends, you will have some fun, if you stay home, you will watch the movie or just to be bored and go to the bed earlier with an idea – i feel like an old lazy person..
Okay, okay.. I know. All of us, we have a days like that. Lets be honest, we just need it from time to time (not always!). But then there is another category..
Do you know that feeling when you have to decide between more things and you just feel lost between your head and heart? Im sure, you do! It just happens and i dont believe there is somewhere out one, who has never felt like that. (Please, i want to meet her/him, if they exist! :D)
 Sometimes we find hard to decide, whats good and what is not really, what will help us and what will, on the other hand,  not help us at all. Maybe it looks on the beginning like a right thing and its very tempting but its also very dangerous and even if you really want to try something different, you may regret it once. Its that kind of decisions, which are the hardest ones. Its not about the clothes, which you will wear tomorrow, its not about the not important things, its a decision about our lives!
About the life and about the questions which are really important to us. On of my very important questions right now which kinda scares me is, where to go uni. Okay, i already know but still.. Go to the totally different world with the different everything + studying in english + its not just for a month but for a few years. Will I make it? Will it be all right? Lets hope, it will, thats the only thing what i can do at the moment.. Some more questions which are scarying me? Yeah, there would be a few more. Everybody has some.. Loosing the close people.. Loosing freedom... Not being ourselfs.. We are kinda responsible for all of them, well not just kinda.. We really are. If we behave differently than we should, we can loose some close people. Well, what was i saying? We shouldnt, not very close people even if we change a little bit (i dont mean the huge changes), if they love us once, they shouldnt mind.. Even if its sometimes very hard to find the way back to each other, we should at least try it cause it worth it i guess. We should also think before we do something cause we can hurt somebody and we dont wont any more broken hearts, do we? I think, its quite a lot of them all around the world.. We should just be careful with the decisions we are making because it can hugely affect our life in many ways.

We are responsible for all of our decisions and for all the things what we do, soo my advice? Dont have any.. Well, just think what you do, to think about it later and be happy with (at least almost) all of your decisions you have made :).