Everybody needs an inspiration, everybody needs a song..

This place is very inspiring for me. I'm just walking down the streets, looking at the houses around, smaller & bigger, short ones & taller ones, older or even modern. All of them have some kind of specific sparkle inside each of them. I think I can't describe it but it just feels like you look at a thing and you know, there is a story coming along with it.. And i feel soo happy to just walk around, inhalling the fresh air into my lungs what gives me just so much energy. Or at least it works with me, i don'k know, how would this atmosphere affected you.
It's already 9:30 pm here and the sun is shining on the sky and doesn't want to set behind the horizont. It's surprisingly warm and finally, it's not raining. Weird this danish weather. I feel fine, very relaxed, music in my ears and I've got the sea in front of me. What else can I wish for? It's beautiful and it makes me happy. I'm smiling. It was a really good decision to come here even if i didn't have any idea how it will be like. This place will be my second home. I wanna dance, sing.. To shout, how amazing i feel like right now. I'm enjoying present, not thinking about my past or not concentrating for my future. Living for this moment, enjoying sun and the birds singing around. That's all, i want to do now :)..

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