Destiny.. Do you believe in it? I do and i also believe, everything happens for a reason. To some of you, it may sounds like a stupid thing about which is just everybody talking about but for me, it means a lot. I know, everything around me means to happen for a reason. To learn us something, to appreciate someone, that the step forward is needed. It can be anything but we should listen to this signals around us and also do something with it. Nothing will ever change, if we are just waiting our life will change on itself. We have to do something with it. We have to fight. We should stop just crying about how we cant do it but step forward and show everyone, we actually can!

I also do believe that every person who we meet is meant to cross our path for a reason. I know i have already mentioned it in my blog but it really is true! I know i met many people who thought me a lot, who loved me or hated me but even through that they showed me, how i want to behave and how i dont. Its magical to see people who cares about you and who doesnt, even if they were pretending they do. I remember all of the people who ever made me smile and brought something to my life. Who helped me. Who learnt me something. Who showed me what real love is. Who was there when i really needed someone. Who even smiled at me or said hi through my walk around or people who was taking care of me during my stay somewhere abroad. You just remember it. Maybe not all of the faces or names but you know, there was someone like that in this moment . People who made themselves memorable to me.

People doesnt realizing how much some others sacrificied because of them and they dont appreciate it enough. Thats why something happens then, whats reasonable and it can surprise you many times because you just dont expect it. But everything is meant to happen. Its a destiny when you meet someone after really long time and you just cant hide your surprised face and you feel that nice but also a bit weird feeling.

So have a look around, think about some latest things/sitations  which happend to you and it may look like it really didnt just happened for no reason. Was it a destiny?

Well... You know..

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