At least something :D

Heeeey everyone!

Yeah, im still alive - surprised? . Well, the bad news – havent posted anything last few months but the good one is, i passed my final exams, which i was studying really hard for what means i finished my secondary/high school (whatever you call it). Im really happy about that so you can congratulate me :D. Another big annoucement is, that im going to Denmark 11th of june and im very excited about that. I was concentrating for my last and very important year at school so i wasnt travelling that much (apart from Milan) and i really missed it. I guess, all of you know, how much i love travelling all around the world, so i cant wait to leave Slovakia soon. On the other hand, it was good that i stayed just in Slovakia because i could fully enjoy my friends, family, all of the parties and everything conected to it. It was a great last year at school and i did enjoy every second of it even if there were really hard times.. I moved forward, learnt some new things and met many new amazing people. I would like to thank every single person, who helped me and made me smile, even if i didnt feel like smiling. Thank you soo much all ;).

Guys, i was just reading some of my previous posts and it was really funny and kinda interesting what i wrote here. Some of them didnt look like i wrote them but apparently i did haha. But one thing which hasnt changed is my positive attitude to life. To think positive, to smile, to enjoy every single day. Thats what im trying to remind people around me. Not to forget that mentioned things above.

I love life because of its variety. Its fascinating me that everybodys life is different but if you put some of the peoples lives together, it makes a perfect sense and it is just soo cool together.
I love meeting new people because every single person brings something new to our lives. Some will just pass our life and leave there a little memory and some will have a big influence on it and bring us something great to our lives. They can learn us something or just show us the way, we should go.
I love travelling because i can see soo many wonderful places all around the world and we can get to know the new cultures, new types of living and we are making new memories by it. We can see thousands of pictures of some places but it will never shows us, how amazing the place is in it. Its million times better to see it once and to be there than just talk about it..
I love to smile because im making people around me happy what makes me happy. Its easier with the smile on my face and i feel really good, if someone is smiling because of me.

Life never comes with the instructions, thats true. Our life will be exactly how we make it. So just remember to do what you love and what makes you happy. It doesnt matter what everybody thinks, the most important is, what you think :). Soo have a great summer, keep dreaming and enjoy life :)

P.S. I know its nothing at all but at least something :).

Peace xxx

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