HEEEY! Hopefully everybody is fine and positive :). Its been a while, i wrote something here. I know i said, i will post here more often but you know, sometimes its just happenin too much in a short time and then you dont know what to do first. And that was exactly my case in a last few weeks. Doing million things in once, being busy (as usual), meeting new people, partying, not sleeping that much, working, solving everyday problems, then not just everyday ones, being crazy, laughing, studying.. Well quite a lot for one person haha. But still better than just sitting at home, isnt it?
I would like to write here today sometihing whats sometimes really hard for as in many ways and thats deciding. Me - personally, im terrible with that. I never can decide (my boyfriend would tell you :D).. I really hate it about myself and sometimes i would like to just slap myself with words – Oh God, come on Erika, decide, you  dont have all day long for it :D.
 Doesnt matter, if it is just about the buying clothes which starts with a question  if you really need it or not, then you are thinking  but its a good prize, so would be great to have it (even if you wont even wear or use it lol). Then deciding to go somewhere or not, stay at home and be comfy or go out to that terrible cold weather outside with your friends. But then if you will go out with your friends, you will have some fun, if you stay home, you will watch the movie or just to be bored and go to the bed earlier with an idea – i feel like an old lazy person..
Okay, okay.. I know. All of us, we have a days like that. Lets be honest, we just need it from time to time (not always!). But then there is another category..
Do you know that feeling when you have to decide between more things and you just feel lost between your head and heart? Im sure, you do! It just happens and i dont believe there is somewhere out one, who has never felt like that. (Please, i want to meet her/him, if they exist! :D)
 Sometimes we find hard to decide, whats good and what is not really, what will help us and what will, on the other hand,  not help us at all. Maybe it looks on the beginning like a right thing and its very tempting but its also very dangerous and even if you really want to try something different, you may regret it once. Its that kind of decisions, which are the hardest ones. Its not about the clothes, which you will wear tomorrow, its not about the not important things, its a decision about our lives!
About the life and about the questions which are really important to us. On of my very important questions right now which kinda scares me is, where to go uni. Okay, i already know but still.. Go to the totally different world with the different everything + studying in english + its not just for a month but for a few years. Will I make it? Will it be all right? Lets hope, it will, thats the only thing what i can do at the moment.. Some more questions which are scarying me? Yeah, there would be a few more. Everybody has some.. Loosing the close people.. Loosing freedom... Not being ourselfs.. We are kinda responsible for all of them, well not just kinda.. We really are. If we behave differently than we should, we can loose some close people. Well, what was i saying? We shouldnt, not very close people even if we change a little bit (i dont mean the huge changes), if they love us once, they shouldnt mind.. Even if its sometimes very hard to find the way back to each other, we should at least try it cause it worth it i guess. We should also think before we do something cause we can hurt somebody and we dont wont any more broken hearts, do we? I think, its quite a lot of them all around the world.. We should just be careful with the decisions we are making because it can hugely affect our life in many ways.

We are responsible for all of our decisions and for all the things what we do, soo my advice? Dont have any.. Well, just think what you do, to think about it later and be happy with (at least almost) all of your decisions you have made :).

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