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Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted here anything for ages BUT I decided a long time ago, I'm gonna make a totally new blog and I will start from the beginning. This one has a good history since 2012 but it's time to move on. It's gonna be pretty hard to reach the same numbers of readers as here and it will take some time but it's gonna be one of my new challenges. I'm not gonna promise anything cause I still don't know when I will start a new one.. I can just promise, I will some day ;). Anyway, I decided to finish writing here and post just one more article. It's a summary of my year 2015 and I wanted to write it and share it with you because I did the same past few years and I think, it's a right time for writing last article here. It's been an incredible 3 years here. I have never thought, I'm gonna have more than 190 000 views from all around the world and believe me, I was soo happy when i reached my first 100 haha. Unbelievable. Thank you soo much for all your support, for all likes you gave me and for reading my stories/articles. I can't say how thankful I am .

When somebody asks me how would you describe year 2015 by only one word, I would definitely say change. 2015 was full of changes, new beginnings and endings of some important life periods.
I started my New Year 2015 in Milan, Italy. It was the funniest and the most annoying beginning of the year, to be fair, but overall, I had a good time and I saw a new place. More info about my NYE in Milan over here --> http://liveyourdreams-story.blogspot.dk/2015/02/milan-italy.html

Anyways, my first 3 months of the year weren’t the easiest one but I think I really needed a proper ‘slap’ after 2 amazing years, which I had before. Everything went exactly like I wanted to and all was great. Maybe I just stopped to appreciate things and everything what was happening, so I needed to change that even I’m always trying to be thankful for everything what’s happening around. Whatever it was, I got a big life lecture which made me even stronger and helped me to fight for everything what I wanted to achieve in 2015. It was really bad cause all of my plans all in sudden fell apart and I didn’t know what to do, how to move on, how to change it all. I had to get myself back into positive mode and start to do my best for my future. Fortunately it worked, I got out of my bad months and sun started to shine for me again. I felt like I need some changes in my life, I need to move on and that’s what I exactly did. Also, I turned 20 this year, so it was just about the time haha.

I took some time off in my favourite place in the middle of Slovakia, small village called Telgart, whose visit is always an escape from reality. It’s a different world. You’ve got an amazing nature around, old houses, Slovakian folklore music all around, peace, nobody is bothering or stressing you. Nobody cares. No laptops, not even proper signal for your phone. Just a warm, cosy clothes, family around, book in your hand and you’re sipping hot cocoa. Relax, not thinking about anything, leaving your problems and everything out of that magical place. I just love it!
Taking a lot of positive energy from that place, my year could finally start properly and since the second half of march, I got back to my normal busy life, which I love and which is full of adventures which brings many good memories.

One of my favourite memories from e.g. april was my dad’s birthday party. We arranged it with the rest of my family without him knowing about it and I can tell you, I’ve never been as happy for him as in that moment, when he just saw all his most love ones together singing him Happy Birthday song and he was just speechless, what doesn’t happen very often. It was a great surprise and I want to have once such a secret birthday party, too :D. It definitely worth it.

2015 was also full of cultural events. I’ve been to theatre in Slovakia quite a few times with my high school friends, what was great cause I haven’t been in theatre for ages. I remember we used to go there with my mum when I was a kid for a different fairytales quite often haha. This time, it were proper plays to see, mostly musicals, which were pretty good, well most of them. I’ve been to several concerts, as well. Back in Slovakia it was concert of Juraj Hnilica, who is very talented guy and who I found accidently like a FB advert haha. And week after I went for his concert cause he had it in Presov and it was amazing. It was really small one, with not that many people but I had a smile on my face all evening and I felt full of positive energy afterwards. He is just such a nice person. I’m glad I met him and heard him sing even before many others did cause he got into one of our Slovakian competitions or whatever and everybody knew him after that. I can say, I’ve seen him life even before and I’m really proud of his work.

Another concerts of Slovakian bands such as Helenine Oci and N3O akustika makes me always feeling better and giving me a lot of energy. They’re not just the concerts, it’s a an experience, which you will never forget. It’s a moment; you never forget how you felt like that time while singing and dancing/jumping around. Later in Copenhagen, I saw Lady Gaga with Tony Bennet through the jazz week and spontaneous concert of Imagine Dragons, which was absolutely great.

I also got back a little bit to my favourite sport – tennis. Found my sparring partner, so I was so excited to play again once a week for a few weeks. I would love to get back to this sport. Not in a condition as I used to be in tho.

2015 was mostly about finishing my high school, so my written, practical and oral final exams went better than I thought, so I was really happy about passing it all with good results and finishing my high school. In this stage of life, you kind of saying bye to this 5 years, in my case, full of funny times, stresses because of many different exams and everyday seeing your friends, which became your family and part of you. Time to move on and start a new chapter.

Saying bye to my amazing colleagues in my lovely Dublin Cafe/Pub, which is one of the best places to work in and it was a pleasure to work there. I learnt there a lot and I’ve been working with great barmen and baristas. It’s always good to be back there.

So what’s happening after school? Going to university or start to work?
I chose the first one and Denmark was my choice. The only one. And honestly? I couldn’t choose better.

I got accepted to my priority school day before I was flying to Copenhagen, what was pretty exciting. I went literally on my own, not knowing the place, people properly. I was looking forward to it but I was a little bit scared too. I had no idea, if it’s gonna work or not, if I like it or not, if I’m gonna find an accommodation and work. But fortunately, I was lucky, again.

Fell in love with this place, where is always something happening, was swimming in the sea, had a BBQ with my friends near sea, became a part of student organization, studying something what I like, where studying makes sense and I’m looking forward to going to school. It’s because I want to be there, not having to be there. It’s just interesting and I’m learning something new all the time. Also walking in a mask on your face through the main streets of Copenhagen after staff party or in a sailor hat after Halloween party are unforgettable experiences.

I’m talking my favourite language (English) and I’m taking care of myself. I brought my first own wardrobe, made my room feeling it’s mine. I just love it. I love this life here. I love MY life here.

I got to know sooo many amazing people this year from all around the world, I can’t even imagine my life without many of them and they became a part of me. My friends, my family. I could use a quote here: ‘It’s funny how someone who was just a stranger last year can mean so much to you now.’ It’s true tho, year can change a lot. Literally, I can’t imagine my life without some of them and if they are reading it, they surely know, I’m talking about them :P. Meeting people for some reason? Definitely yes! #thankful

And just shortly my end of the year. I went back home home, to Slovakia for my Christmas holiday after more than 6 months and it was great to see all my family and friends from my hometown. I didn’t even want to go back after 9 days of great time and relax. But when I got back and came in to my room, I had to admit, I missed my room. It was nice to visit Slovakia but this is my current home. Copenhagen is a place where I live now and I’m just happy to live here.

And at the end, 31st of December was my NYE in a fourth different country. Even if the time before midnight was mostly about working, it was good to spend the NYE with my friends and colleagues, drinking champagne and watching fireworks all around. It was great celebration of upcoming year 2016 and I hope that new year will bring me even more things/events to remember and will be full of more adventures and experiences.

That’s what I also wish to all of you, to have a great 2016, full of moments which you will remember forever. Don’t be afraid to make a change in your life and don’t regret anything cause everything happens for a reason ;). 

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