Heey everybody!

WELCOME TO DENMARK! Thats what i said to myself when i landed at the Cpenhagen airport 11th of june at around 6 pm.  We came earlier and had a good flight with wifi on a board. Seeing the Copenhagen from the window of a plane made me smile. I felt very excited but also kinda afraid, how it will be like.

When i went for my baggage and was walking around the airport, i thought it is not that many people around cause it was really quiet. But there was just soo many people and i really didnt understand how can it be that quiet. I mean, usually because of soo many people at the airports, its very noisy and everybody is shouting and stuff like that. But in Copenhagen's airport i felt like i came to the totally different place where everybody knows how to behave. That was the point when i said to myslef: You came to the different country and this is just the beginning of your new life.
Afterwards trying to catch the right train from the airport and getting  into the place, where i havent been before was a bit stressful but i made it and i was happy about it, the Copenhagen's transport is very easy to understand what's good cause otherwise, i wouldn't get there without any trouble. And i also realized later that i bought the wrong train ticket, so my first travelling by train in the Denmark's capital was a little bit illegal but never mind :D.
Got into the right place and met that 3 crazy girls, who i was supposted to stay  with for the next two weeks. Sure, i didnt know how crazy it will be like lol. Sorry girls, love you haha :D. They told me some very important information about living here what to do and also not to do here, how it works and many other things.
First night here was also very interesting because of going out with them into the city centre.
Firstly, i was very surprised that it was like 10:30 and it was still sunny and not dark at all. Also the sunrise is quite early.
Secondly, it was soo many people on the streets.  It was fascinating me that it doesn't matter here, if you are a student, adult or older couple. Everybody is walking down the streets and they are just smiling at you. Its amazing how they can make you feel so welcome. It looks like everybody is enjoying their lives here and dont care about not important things.
Another fact is that everybody cycle here. I knew about that before i came but it's even better when you are already here and you can see so many bicycles everywhere, young and old cycling while going to work, school, home or just somewhere to town. It's wonderful experience.
I heard about this, as well, and it's that everybody speaks English here whats great. Young, old, if you tell them you cant speak Danish, they will automatically start to talk to you in English. Also if you need a help or something, don't hesitate to ask them, they are really nice. Like yesterday when i met a couple and i needed to find an address. They just looked at the map in their phone and helped me to find it.
Second day here was very chilling. It was very warm and sunny so i decided to go for a walk beacuse we have like 10 minutes away the beach and a small harbour. They told me to go just straight and i will find it. Thanks God, i have a really good sense for orientation, so i found it. I passed many nice houses and i was thinking about how it will look like. When i saw the sea from the distance i closed my eyes, smiled and breathed the fresh air. In that moment i realized, i felt in love with this country and im just gonna love it here.
I walked around the seaside and i was surprised that the kids were swimming in the sea, many people were just relaxing, sitting on the grass and everybody were enjoying the sun shining. It was just soo amazing, i felt like i came to totally different place of this world. Everything made a perfect sense and it felt so right to be there. It was great to just sit and look into the distance to see the bridge, boats and also the kids playing with the sand. I wish that moment could last forever. It's easy to talk about it beacuse i lived that moment and you just have to be here to know what im talking about. I feel free and independent here :).
I found the room, where i will stay, went for a walk around the town and the only thing what i can say about this place is – perfect!
Im really happy that i came here and even it's just beginning, i know i won't regret my decision about coming here. I will enjoy it as much as i can and i will try to get to know the places around and i'm sure, i will meet many new people. That's why i love my life and trying to enjoy every single day.
See you soon :).

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