Have a break!

Sometimes we feel like we have quite a lot of it, don't we? From time to time I do, for sure. Anyway, what i want to say is, that we shoud take a break! Take a day off from school/work, just chill (or in my case, finish something important to school lol) cause we deserve a rest. We're working soo hard and we are not robots to work/study without a day off. Soo do you know what should you do know? Make a cup of tea (or whatever else, what you like), make yourself comfortable and do nothing at all! Just watch the movie or listen to the music, do something, what you like. I know, some of you will maybe protest and they will be like: "aaahh, i don't have a time bla bla bla..." EXCUSES! You can if you want! You just really have to want it! Even if its hard, you should find the way, how to feel good and how to have a little bit time for yourself :). Good luck!

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