Po dlhom čase, aspoň niečo, hoci po anglicky :D
Afteeer sooo long time! Something in English this time, what am I thinking about right now? :)

Isnt it crazy, if u have some friends, wo can make u laugh even if u are talking about nothing at all with them? Just typing can make u laugh and i think its one of the best feelings in the world! To have friends, who are always making u laugh, they are trying to cheer u up, if u feel sad. I love laughing out sooo loud, to have teras in my eyes, just because i cant stop laughin. I love that feeling - to be loved by people, who really cares about u and they just love the way you are :). And even if they are far away from you, u know, they will always be there for you and they will never EVER forget you.


  1. Finally something new :D its just something but its SOMETHING for very long time :) Thanks for this one new article, its really true I agree with you :-* :)

  2. You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it ;)