Happy New Year!

Hey guys :)! Today it´s the end of 2012 year and it was really good year for me! I really enjoyed it and I´m so thankful for everything what happened in this year! And also I wanna thank all of you, who read my story, who suports me with comments and who like it! Thank you guys, I love you ! Today I add special "article" with pictures and things like that.. I hope you will like it and if yes, just click on--> i like it <--- under an article! If you want to share something with me/us just write here..! Have a nice evening :)! 

Happy New Year! I can´t believe

You know what? It should be like that!

...because the best "things" in our life are for free and also enjoy every day like it would be   your last!


And my plans for New Year? I hope that one of my biggest traveling dreams will come true and I will go to London! ;)

... also I will travel a lot...

because i have so many plans for the next year :)!

Do you have any plans or dreams which you want to come true? Just believe, they can happen!

And for the end, my advice for you is:

Soo one more time: Happy New Year ;)!

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